Stolen Stars on MIX 105.1

They wanted to know how we got started in the business and what our fans can expect in the future. Take a listen and read some bonus content below!

The music industry is competitive as ever and ever more accessible with affordable equipment and online platforms to distribute anyone's music. What is something new that Stolen Stars has to offer and why should people listen?

To us, Stolen Stars has always represented the vast musical opportunities that exist within the world and within ourselves. I'm not sure how special our music is, we believe it's unique and we hope people like it. But ultimately we feel we have a fundamental responsibility to share the gifts we've been given. That's what's really important to us.

When you write songs, who are you writing them for?

For us I think. It's just another form of expression ya know? And if someone can relate to our expression then that's great! Recording this upcoming EP was the first time in a while that I was able to let go of expectations and just had fun.

In a way, music is a form of storytelling. What story does your new EP, Thought Broadcasting, tell?

Like I said before, this EP was the first time in a while that I was able to "let go" so to speak. So this time there really is no story. Just our thoughts that we put into song form.

Which song from your upcoming EP was the most fun to write and why?

I think Tanner would say The Curbside Drama was his favorite. He put so much love and work into that piece and it's an incredible song. But if you're asking me, Substance was my favorite. Luckily we were able to bring in our little sister for some background vocals and she did incredible. It was really nice having a chunk of family working together on that song.

What advice do you have to others starting a band in Utah?

Right now Utah is more competitive than ever. I mean there have been some pretty big bands sparking from here in the last 10 years. So my advice to other local bands is don't make it more competitive. And what I mean by that is be the band that's going to help other bands. Be the people that help create a healthier music scene. Every band here wants exactly what you want, to achieve their dreams. Reach out to other bands, share fans, help promote each other, and be humble. You'll find more success doing it that way.