Weston Paul

The Sirens of Hawaii

At 3 years old, little Weston wandered unaccompanied towards the Hawaii hotel pool, enchanted by the blue water’s Siren song.
His family had just checked into their room when they noticed he was missing. Panic ensued, a frantic search was made and then his little figure was spotted from the hotel room window headed without inhibition towards the 12-foot deep water.
Dad sprinted down to the pool, praying he’d be in time…
And that he wouldn’t pull a hammy; Weston was snatched up just before he jumped in.
This explorative, child wonderment, and independent spirit coupled with a vivid imagination has served Weston well during his life. And while he may have forcibly resisted that early Siren’s song, he was captivated by her music and has been chasing the melody ever since.
Despite this early brush with disaster, Weston Paul has kept his head in stars, his feet on the ground, and his hands free to create music that can only be described as wildly fun and guardedly optimistic.

Adrenaline Junkie

As evidenced by his early Hawaii trip, Weston is a self-proclaimed “Adrenaline Junkie” that would make Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves raise an eyebrow, then nod slowly in approval…

And he’s got the long hair to fit right in.

He’s been known to Penguin slide down the tallest mountain in Utah, Kings Peak—  

towering above the valley at 13,534 feet;

Jumped off cliffs…

Some on purpose, and some… not so much;

and ridden every roller coaster possible.

Weston doesn’t sit still for long either. 

He’s chased a deer out of someone’s yard…

for an hour;

Ran outside in the freezing cold…


His Bucket Ain't Big Enough

But he’s not done. 

Weston’s Bucket List includes other crazy ideas to satisfy both his personal and professional thirst. 

He wants to Skydive…

Because uh, birds.

…and play at the world-famous Glastonbury Music Festival—

A five-day festival of contemporary performing arts in Somerset, England, which draws more than 200,000 fans per year.

Weston’s seriously considering a “twofer…” 

Skydiving into the music festival as a grand entrance…

whether he’s invited or not.


Cheated on Death

Weston feels no remorse whatsoever, for cheating on Death with her prettier sister, Life. He’s narrowly escaped Death’s constant pull many times during his relationship with Life. From close calls on hiking expeditions, to nearly being railed by an angry 6.9-foot-tall Moose, Weston remains tethered to this world… while still shoot’n for the stars.

His trusted sidekick is an Akita, Japanese bear-hunting dog named Kaya. Anciently revered for their beauty, dignity and elegance, his Akita’s regal appearance and thick mane is only slightly less regal than her owner’s.

And although the furthest away he’s ever traveled is only 2,950 miles from Utah—

to visit that tropical little Pacific Island gem called Hawaii, Weston knows his music will be the catalyst propelling him around the world to soak in the people, culture, and music as a world citizen.

Service | The Measure of a Man

Through the example of his angel mother, who as a hard-working mom raised 4 children, while serving countless others in her path, Weston inherited a heart of service. He’s heavily involved in charity concerts and other service opportunities. 

Weston’s Relationship Advice: Be selfless

Weston’s Professional Advice: Don’t give up… Put in the work.

Weston’s Definition of Success: I find success in my relationship with others 

When he’s not writing music, watching movies, gaming, hiking, camping, fishing, or traveling with friends and family, Weston enjoys his job working as an Associate Family Teacher at a group home. He works 3 days a week during a highly rewarding 72-hour shift. Weston does therapeutic work teaching coping skills and impulse control to behaviorally challenged youth where he tries to work his music into the program.


Blood Music

Long before the teen vampire fascination, Weston was into blood….

Or rather, blood was into him. 

But, not just any blood. We’re talking about the thick musical blood teeming with tempo, sizzling with soul, and pumping with percussion. 

To say that music was in his blood, is like saying, “There’s water in the ocean.

His oldest sister, Brittany is a singer, and his youngest sister, Alyssa… 

Also, a singer, is one of his best friends. 

And his brother Tanner?

We’ll save him for another bio.

Blood, Sweat & Tears

He’s no scientist, but Weston knows that when your blood is bad, your body isn’t right. 

He feels that music is deeply biological, reaching places only those small capillaries can go. Your blood knows what to do when you hear the first two down beats of Thunderstruck, by AC/DC. And Weston knows good music can greatly reverse the Anemic morose conditions of today. 

A·ne·mic (uh-nēmik) adjective; 1) lacking in color, spirit or vitality; 2) suffering from anemia, a blood condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells, resulting in weariness.

He’s not on a Don Quixote quest to save the world with music. Such naiveté left with his other childhood fantasies. 

But, he’s poured his heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears, and all other body parts into Stolen Stars. 

Their recent highlights include: 

  • Beating out 95 other bands to earn one of 5 spots in the South Jordan Battle of the Bands.
  • Creating their first EP, A Program About Love in 2019 – a poignant look at the stages of love
  • Shooting two incredible music videos in incredible picturesque locations

The Starry-eyed Storyteller

As a young boy of 7, Weston wove stories of Good vs. Evil. Then he put down the pen and picked up a drumstick. His life blood would respond to that new beat, and by age 14, he had started creating and playing his own music. 

For nearly 10 years Weston has crafted stories from his tryst with Life. 

From his beginnings in American Fork, Utah, to the sunshine state of Florida, and back again, Weston has sought to drink life in share the radiant ride.


The Star Thief

His romance with Life gave birth to Stolen Stars.

Weston’s fascination with and love of astronomy went into that timeless name. He is captivated by the vastness of the universe with its hidden and endless possibilities. 

The celestial star map guides Weston as it has countless millions before him. And the name, Stolen Stars represents the nameless musical opportunities, and endless paths with no restrictions.

As the lead singer, main songwriter, and instrumentalist, Weston charts the course for the band, and invites their fans along for the journey.


Tanner Pierce

Liberating the Grand Piano

Tanner always knew he would end up in the entertainment business.

But he didn’t know how far his ambition would take him until he plotted a heist to “rescue” a neglected grand piano. 

As an out-of-control teenager, Tanner adopted what he thought was a very “rock n’ roll” lifestyle….

Everything in the plan checked out…

Teen-sized delusions of grandeur (check)

Target location (check)

Schematics (check)

Lookouts (check)

Repelling gear (check)

Serious aptitude (check)

Too much adrenaline and pent up bravado to walk straight, let alone scale a building and use repelling equipment safely (check)

Needless to say, the operation didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

The result?

Several shattered metatarsals, and a separated sesamoid bone in his left foot, very angry parents, and one guilty conscience.

Oh, and… no piano.

And it’s a good thing Tanner wasn’t successful in his crazy caper, or the band could have been named “Stolen Grand Piano,” instead of Stolen Stars.

“Think of the craziest thing you can possibly imagine, and I’m sure I’ve seen something crazier.”

When he’s not using his spare time musing on the complexities of life’s manifold beauty, and artistically expressing his interpretations of it, Tanner is a nurse at a mental hospital rehabilitating people with debilitating mental illnesses. 

His life experience is almost as deep as his repertoire of crazy stories from work… 

Or from his own existence. 

Tanner’s broad life vision comes from being raised all over the country. Such a wealth of geographic exposure may yet play a part in his original career goal as a kid: 

To be the next great American Novelist.

In addition to honing his mad man-nurse skills, Tanner has always enjoyed making music. His 3 other musical siblings have certainly aided and abetted this habit he just can’t seem to kick.


In the Professional Limelight

Until he started focusing on his music career, Tanner’s emphasis was on health and fitness. From a young age, he was fascinated with all aspects of health, and by 16, he was regularly working out at the gym. 

“Fitness Junkie,” is a pretty good description. With such an emphasis, it would have been easy for Tanner to become a self-absorbed, arrogant muscle head. 

On the contrary, Tanner’s self-less nature was a more powerful driver. He always wanted to be a nurse, and his love of health made that an easy fit. Tanner’s humble demeanor, extensive knowledge and own experience allows him to fuel his passion for rehabilitating people with mental health issues. 

When it comes to business advice, Tanner says to always keep your eye on the ball…

Or in his case, on the music. 

One thing people don’t know about the entertainment industry— 

Nobody really knows what they are doing… some people are just better at making it look like they do.”

What advice would Tanner give to someone looking to get into the entertainment world?

Invest in a good concealer. You’re gonna get hit.

Despite those odds, Tanner has his brother and fellow band member, Weston in his corner to help slug it out with the fray and prove their place among the stars.

Life According to Tanner

Although liberating a grand piano has been crossed off, Tanner’s bucket list is brimming with spectacular adventures like hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with his favorite pet, Zen the cat. 

Tanner sums up his modest life with the following statement:

This one time, I was born… 

It stuck with me for the rest of my life. 

The end.”

While that’s the end of Tanner’s summation, his life with Stolen Stars is just beginning.

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